Our Approach

Slow and Stedy wins the race. Driving is a skill which needs a lot of practice and patience to learn. Our instructor has  30 years of driving experience in different countries including Australia. We have understanding about various levels of learning abilities and prepare the lessons according to the individual needs.We train students in the  Competency Based Training and Assessment (Log Book) system of ACT.

We focus on road safety and building confidence of the students. Learning Driving  depends on the ability of each individual to learn, confidence and the effort you put in to it. Driving is a practical skill which can be learned through hours and hours of driving in different weather and traffic conditions.

Our Story

Canberra Wheels was started in 2014 as a part time business and has lots of satisfied customers. Our only advertisement was the  word of mouth from our clients. Now time has come to move on to the next stage of business on which customers have access to learning 24/7.We have incorporated data and Videos of all competencies in this website   to make our customers more happy.

Next Steps...

If you want to learn 100% driving, give us a call at the number listed below or send us an Email and we will get back to you.